How Every Entire European Startup Ecosystem will Change Over the Next Decade

ReliefAgad – an app to facilitate the distribution of cash assistance to poor households. The app eliminates fraud in the disbursement as households can apply for aid directly, rather than going through village officials. From the agreement signing—where compliance standards were set—to the rollout of the software, the whole process took about four weeks, with … Read more

A make-or-break moment for startup-government lockdown ties

The Philippines, in contrast, is still in the early stages of such relationships. While tie-ups have been forged with the government in the past, startups have rarely participated in paid public projects. Appointment of startup founders to government cabinet posts is also unheard of. “Compared to Indonesia, the Philippines government is still some ways off … Read more

Digital-Lifestyle Connectivity Forces Markets To Shift

Aggregators, too, will not be the same. The very discounts that propelled the growth of food delivery companies Swiggy and Zomato will be the first casualty, said Beer Café’s Singh. This has already come true. Zomato and Swiggy have stopped footing discounts to customers. Like the shift to a revenue-sharing model, aggregators now have to … Read more

The New Math for India’s $50 Billion Restaurant Industry & 2019 Trends

Restaurants will also have to actively practice social distancing. That means fewer tables in the same restaurant, which makes balancing revenue and costs tricky. The Delhi outlet of SodaBottleOpenerWala, a popular Parsi food chain, has a 48-seater licence. If social distancing cuts seating in half, there is no point in reopening, said Manu Chandra, chef-partner … Read more

The 6 Growth Funds to Watch for Southeast Asian Startups in the New Decade + Resources about VCs & Angels

The number of Series C and D deals—typical growth-fund investments—rose by three deals year-on-year to hit 19 in the first half of 2019. However, the overall amount raised dropped by $100 million to $600 million. Total funding for Series B deals, meanwhile, increased by 40% over the same period. “For aspiring unicorns (startups worth $1 … Read more

The 5 types of Accommodations for Airbnb Rentals

Jijesh Ramachandran, founder of Iksha, the property management firm that manages Captains Quarters, says that with zero revenues, managing these properties has become a pain. Ramachandran, after all, pays for the maintenance of these luxury properties—which can be as high as Rs 50,000-Rs 60,000 ($650.07-$780.08) per month—in addition to a fixed monthly rent to the … Read more

How Choice Startup Openside Recently Launched Supermarket Innovations in order to Strategically Expand beyond Millennials

However, in all fairness, valuation is a company’s prerogative and it’s up to potential investors to accept or reject the investment, says pitchIN’s Shafie, who recalls that sales conversion startup SalesCandy raised RM1.5 million (US$350,000) through his platform in October 2017 across 54 investors at a pre-money valuation of RM2 million (US$460,000). At that time, … Read more