5 Details Every Entrepreneur Needs Right Now About CAESAR Program

Now, even relatively small companies like Nodeflux–its headcount is still below 50–can score government contracts. Nodeflux analyses images from around 7,000 CCTV cameras in the district, giving the Jakarta Regional Government new perspectives on traffic patterns and other mobility-related insights. It’s now applying a similar solution to help stop travel violations during Covid. This shift … Read more

How Every Entire European Startup Ecosystem will Change Over the Next Decade

ReliefAgad – an app to facilitate the distribution of cash assistance to poor households. The app eliminates fraud in the disbursement as households can apply for aid directly, rather than going through village officials. From the agreement signing—where compliance standards were set—to the rollout of the software, the whole process took about four weeks, with … Read more

A make-or-break moment for startup-government lockdown ties

The Philippines, in contrast, is still in the early stages of such relationships. While tie-ups have been forged with the government in the past, startups have rarely participated in paid public projects. Appointment of startup founders to government cabinet posts is also unheard of. “Compared to Indonesia, the Philippines government is still some ways off … Read more

Digital-Lifestyle Connectivity Forces Markets To Shift

Aggregators, too, will not be the same. The very discounts that propelled the growth of food delivery companies Swiggy and Zomato will be the first casualty, said Beer Café’s Singh. This has already come true. Zomato and Swiggy have stopped footing discounts to customers. Like the shift to a revenue-sharing model, aggregators now have to … Read more

Digital-Lifestyle Connectivity Forces Markets To Shift

But rent is only one part of the equation. The other is staff costs, which can be as much as rent in some cases. While some are turning to layoffs, a Bengaluru-based brand—which runs a quick-service restaurant and a cloud kitchen—has cut salaries by at least 30-40% for its 19 employees, said the brand’s head … Read more

The New Math for India’s $50 Billion Restaurant Industry & 2019 Trends

Restaurants will also have to actively practice social distancing. That means fewer tables in the same restaurant, which makes balancing revenue and costs tricky. The Delhi outlet of SodaBottleOpenerWala, a popular Parsi food chain, has a 48-seater licence. If social distancing cuts seating in half, there is no point in reopening, said Manu Chandra, chef-partner … Read more

Why there’s a post-Covid allure to Malaysian social enterprises

“It is not easy for impact investors coming from outside, unless they are able to come up with a unique bottom-up approach,” he adds. But unlike other Southeast Asian nations, Malaysia has received less attention from impact investors. Out of US$904 million deployed by private impact investors across the region between 2007 and 2017, Indonesia, … Read more

16 Inspiring Ways To Leveraging Malaysia’s Digital Tax

The accreditation would also allow eligible social enterprises to provide tax deduction receipts to people—be it individuals or companies—who’ve donated to them. This would, in turn, encourage donation. The accredited enterprises also get added to the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives’ (MEDAC) public directory, enhancing their visibility. “I would say the SE ecosystem is … Read more