McKesson Corporation is an American pharmaceutical company that provides health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools. The company had sales of $ 208.4 billion in 2018.


McKesson is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and distributes healthcare systems, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, McKesson offers a complete network infrastructure for the healthcare sector; In addition, it was an early adopter of technologies such as barcode scanning for sales, pharmaceutical robotics, and RFID tags.

McKesson Connect is a one-stop resource for all your pharmacy needs – ordering, product updates, and effective order status checks. Get the latest information on their programs and services to get the most out of them.

McKesson Connect, our online pharmacy ordering platform, offers real-time inventory and pricing, order status tracking, advanced search capabilities, reliable reporting, and an interactive pharmacy peer community. It is easily accessible from any desktop system or mobile device.

McKesson staff prepared care kits for our members at our annual Community Days volunteer event to ease the discomfort of treatment. Through their voluntary participation, they also generate grants for our partners to financial services such as housing, transportation, and counseling.


Our commitment to cancer unites our employees, but they also support a wide range of causes as volunteers and donors. The foundation offers a twinning program that doubles your donations and provides grants for volunteering for individuals and teams.

The McKesson “Let’s Take Care of Our Own” Fund is our fund to support our employees. It awards scholarships to colleagues who have encountered financial difficulties due to natural disasters, serious illnesses, and other unforeseen events. It is supported by donations from our company, the foundation, and our employees.

We work with a network of more than 350 nonprofits in North America, including cancer care hospitals, restaurants, and community partners. They are called Community Cancer Care Partners and they are located in the communities where our colleagues live and work.